Former financial aid student and new billionaire Will Sloan returns to L.A., and seizes the chance to turn the tables on his first love, Annie James, the woman who refused his youthful marriage proposal. He discovers that he can’t walk away and that Annie James is worth fighting for.

The Duke's Men Series

For years readers have asked, "What happened to the boys?" Now the answer comes in a new series, the Duke's Men. Three of the Lost Boys in To Tempt a Saint, To Save the Devil, and To Seduce an Angel, return as young men, educated as gentlemen in spite of the obscurity of their backgrounds. Helped by their old leader, "boy," now the Duke of Wenlocke, Lark, Raven, and Robin embark on new paths in the wake of the devastating fire that destroyed the Houses of Parliament, paths that connect them to their old friends, reveal their true identities, and lead to love. Book 1, The Lady and the Thief; Book 2, Raven's Lady, and Book 3, The Lady and the Sleuth.

Former financial aid student and new billionaire Will Sloan returns to L.A., and seizes the chance to turn the tables on his first love, Annie James, the woman who refused his youthful marriage proposal. He discovers that he can’t walk away and that Annie James is worth fighting for.
In L.A., land of palm trees and perpetual sunshine, charming trust-fund Golden Boy Josh Huntington meets his match in Emma Gray, an independent single mom with secrets, who can’t be won by charm and who makes Josh want what money can’t buy. Living side-by-side in a rundown beach duplex heats up their unlikely attraction. While Josh tries to regain his lost trust fund, Emma seeks to meet the rock musician father she’s never known. Emma and Josh think they have things under control, until Emma’s young son Max picks Josh for his new dad.
In Saturday Santa a Beast, scarred, ex-arms consultant Jack Ryker finds his Beauty, Maryrose Lynch, at a small boutique mall in a Southern California beach town. Together they vanquish an enemy Jack has unleashed from the dangerous world of arms dealing and earn the merriest Christmas of their lives together. Warning: this story is heartwarming and humorous, but the hero’s past introduces some dark, definitely un-Hallmark elements.

The Canyon Club Series

The Canyon Series takes readers to the beach towns south of L.A. where three millionaire graduates of an uber-privileged boy's school meet again as their tenth high school reunion approaches.

A prequel to the Husband Hunter series, Blackstone’s Bride introduces The Pantheon Club, a hub of domestic spies fighting the enemies of England in the heart of London’s West End. Each spy, recruited from the ranks of gentlemen fallen on hard times, must serve England for a year and a day to have his fortunes restored.
Disgraced and disinherited Viscount Hazelwood never expects to be called on to return to the ballrooms and drawing rooms of London, but duty requires that he protect Jane Fawkener, the orphaned daughter of a British agent. Jane’s missing-and-presumed-dead father has left her a little book called The Husband Hunter’s Guide to London. For Jane and Hazelwood it might be the key to love, happiness, and a whole lot of spying.
Innkeeper’s daughter Lucy Holbrook has friends in London society and a portrait of a lady on the wall of her room in the Tooth and Nail Inn, but she doesn’t want to leave her home. She’s sure she knows who she is and what she wants until danger begins to stalk her oldest friend and a handsome war hero begins to unravel a mystery from her past.
An independent earl’s daughter is accidentally betrothed to spy with a mysterious past and a mission to recover stolen documents and uncover an enemy agent operating in London. From the moment their engagement begins, Emily finds herself intrigued by Lynley, her fiancé, a man who encourages her daring and who offers a most seductive partnership in spy-catching. A volume of tips for the marriage-minded brings them together, but adventure teaches them how right they are for each other.
It’s Christmas in London, but Charles and Harriet aren’t feeling it. He’s a man searching for a spy. She’s a governess feeling invisible. When Harriet agrees to help Charles’ jilted younger sister Octavia find a match by Christmas, suddenly everything changes for both of them.

The Husband Hunter's Guide to London

In The Husband Hunter series, the “least” eligible bachelors in London agree to act as spies for the British Foreign Office in its campaign against Russia in exchange for redemption. Tracking England's enemies, my spies find partners in independent young women facing the imperative to marry with spirit and sense and a copy of The Husband Hunter’s Guide to London. 

Needing funds to continue his search for his missing brother Kit, Xander Jones proposes a marriage of convenience to Cleo Spencer, an heiress reduced to penny-pinching by her uncle’s control of her money.
Ex-spy and former Bow Street Runner Will Jones can handle tough situations and tougher enemies, but when he rescues a beautiful virgin from a brothel, he faces a woman of wit and determination with a mission of her own that pulls them into a world of danger and intrigue in London’s darkest quarters.
To Seduce an Angel brings together a governess and a young lord both damaged by the past, but admirable in being loyal to those who depend on them even at the cost of self-sacrifice. Emma is alone in a strange land. Dav is trapped by his family’s love for him. Each must learn to see the other’s true nature.

The Sons of Sin

The “Sons of Sin” trilogy tells the story of three brothers, whose mother is an infamous London courtesan. Bound by their tainted birth and the kidnapping of the youngest in 1816, Xander, Will, and Kit Jones stand poised between London’s dark, labyrinthine underworld and its gleaming future. Each has a story interwoven with the rise of modern London. 

In 1816, London’s overheated ballrooms and its cold streets are separate worlds, yet when Major Jack Amberly and Victoria Carr meet, the two worlds collide.
Not your usual soldier, Alexander di Piovasco Mirandola is the penniless Prince of Trevigna. After the Napoleonic wars, Alexander fights to protect his small country’s independence from British control, hiding in London from the agents of the British foreign secretary. In disguise as a humble groom, Alexander’s way with horses brings him in contact with a haughty duke’s daughter. Independent and unconventional, Lady Ophelia Brinsby’s search for her own freedom leads straight into Alexander’s arms.
A twice-sold bride finds a home in the arms of wounded soldier.

Warrior's Return

Two historical romances and one traditional Regency focus on the return to England of veterans of the Napoleonic Wars. The theme is coming to terms with the sharp contrast between the turbulence and barbarity war and the comforts of drawing rooms and country estates. Of course, my heroes need the help of a woman’s love.

Kate has joined fellow authors, Ciji Ware and Diana Dempsey, in Ring of Truth, an anthology of related stories set in San Francisco. Kate's story—"Once Upon a Ring"—winner of the 2015 Book Buyers Best Award for Romantic Novella, is available as a single novella, or in the larger Ring of Truth anthology.
When her self-help book encouraging fitness through Workout Sex leads to embarrassing media attention and a breakup, Lexie Clark escapes to a small Brigadoon-like Northern California town where she discovers no one can entirely avoid the past - and if everyone could meet a man like Sam Worth, six-feet of male competence and ease, they might not want to.

California Dreaming

Take a beach stay-cation in the pages of a book.

In her first season shy Margaret Somerley fails to take. Her mother removes her to the country estate of an earl. Hiding from her parents in the earl’s library, she encounters a handsome thief stealing documents and attempts to stop him. Instead, the cheeky fellow takes her with him.
Bel Shaw, oldest daughter of a country squire and mother hen to a dozen siblings and cousins, strikes a devilish bargain with their new neighbor, the young Earl of Haverly: a dozen kisses for the dozen fish the children have poached from his stream.
All the settings you’ve seen in Bridgerton plus a daring highwayman, a young woman posing as a widow, a headstrong debutante, a masterful marquess, and painful secrets of the past.

Traditional Regency

The traditional Regency is about that four-letter word for intercourse between a man and a woman—talk! And it’s about that other form of ‘talk’—scandal and gossip. Society is always a character in a Regency. A Regency is about the things you know if you went to high school—about being In or Out and how you get there. There may be murders and French spies or smugglers, but somehow through the encounter with the hero, the heroine will take her place in society and discover that however the world rates her, she’s a woman worthy of respect and love.