Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Series: The Canyon Series, Book 2

ISBN: 9781522843498

Published: December 19, 2015

Heat Level:

“You have a lot of power here. You can say when and how much.” “And if I say now and everything?”

-Golden Boy

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Golden Boy

In L.A., land of palm trees and perpetual sunshine, charming trust-fund Golden Boy Josh Huntington meets his match in Emma Gray, an independent single mom with secrets, who can’t be won by charm and who makes Josh want what money can’t buy. Living side-by-side in a rundown beach duplex heats up the unlikely attraction between this grumpy-sunshine pair. While Josh tries to regain his lost trust fund, Emma seeks to meet the rock musician father she’s never known. Emma and Josh think they have things under control, until Emma’s young son Max picks Josh for his new dad.


"Ms. Moore tells a compelling story, but my favorite thing about Golden Boy is the beautiful and unexpected ways she puts words together. I found myself stopping to re-read the lovely descriptions that brought me wholly into the story. I enjoyed Golden Boy very much and Kate Moore is now on my list of favorite authors. "–Night Reader

"This romance novel is beautifully written. It's fun to read and enter the lives of engaging, well-developed characters with interesting, sometimes surprising pasts. Some lovely, poignant scenes and the romantic ones with physical intimacy are well done and in good taste."--Marcia Naomi Berger, Author of Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love