Dear Reader,

Hi, I'm Kate Moore Romance Author.

sIn my favorite stories, love brings outsiders into a circle of warmth, laughter, and family. You can read my books to fall in love again, standing up, mostly fully clothed, surrounded by family. You can root for a woman taking charge of her life, and characters being transformed by love. Look for the sparklers, flames, and peppers symbols to indicate the heat level in my slow-burn romances:

And I write Romance because I love:

  • The sexual tension
  • The vocabulary of gesture—raised brows, lowered eyes, and quick glances.
  • The names of characters—Tobias Meese, Lady Melforth, Xander Jones.
  • The dark moment—reaching for the tissue box when all is lost.
  • The heroine’s wit—her quick comebacks, her self-perception, and her generosity with those who deserve her compassion.
  • The hero’s competence, honor, and self-sacrifice.
  • The alert consciousness of people in love—we experience novels through the characters and in Romance those characters are falling in love, so we, too, fall in love again. It’s a great ride, the kind you stand in line for at the amusement park just to experience once, and then dash to the end of the line to experience it again.
  • The blinding moment of discovery that love changes the world.

If you, too, are a fan of those story elements, I hope you’ll join me in a Romance written for your reading pleasure.

As ever, Kate Moore