The Christmas Husband Hunt

Publisher: Stillpoint


Published: December 21, 2011

Original paperback April 2005

Heat Level:

“You know, I like rescuing you—the danger, the skimpy outfits, the closeness. But maybe we could get together on dry land...”

-Sexy Lexy

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Sexy Lexy

Fitness instructor, Lexy Clark, believed she was helping her married friends by writing Workout Sex: A Girl’s Guide to Home Fitness, after all, their complaints about no time to work out had inspired her work. She didn’t expect the little red book to cost her a boyfriend and make her the object of the wrong sort of attention from strangers. She takes her money, buys an inn in Brigadoon-like Drake’s Point on the coast, and reinvents herself as an innkeeper.

The old inn’s need for repair leads her to rely on handsome local handyman, Sam Worth, who’s building a library in town. Lexy discovers a small town full of curious characters, old rivalries, secrets, and one smart dog. Her secret doesn’t stay hidden for long, and when she learns Sam's heartbreaking reasons for shunning celebrity’s glare, she realizes that her little book may cost her the best thing she’s ever known unless she takes bold action.

A Library Journal Top Pick in Romance


"SEXY LEXY is an amusing contemporary romantic romp starring two affable lead protagonists …. Sam is worth the cost of the novel as he is a caring hunk who wants Lexy, but fears she is one of the vile famous. Lexy is a fine protagonist who has traveled the road of good intentions …. the audience will appreciate this lighthearted frolic and want more Drake's Point tales." –Amazon Reader Review

"It's a very sassy diverting tale. Both Lexy and Sam are strong characters quickly capturing your imagination and heart. There is a hint of more Moore's Drake's Points tales in the future. We can only hope!" --Vine Voice

"This marvelous book really lives up to its title with a hot, hot hero who will make readers drool every bit as much as the book's female townsfolk, and a heroine who wasn't looking for a man till this one swaggered into her life with a well-worn toolbelt and a grin that dared her to say no to him! Ms. Moore has created a warm and sassy story filled with humor and tantalizing, steamy characters. And through it all, she shares with us a tale of real heartfelt loyalty and emotion. This is the perfect read to bring on the warm weather!" –Author Lynn Hanna, The Starry Child

"Quirky and likable characters and wonderful writing make for a thoroughly enjoyable tale."  –Writerspace 


Lexy focused on her search, ignoring the brief bursts of sound from his drill. She opened the armoire. Nothing. The bathroom was equally bare. She tried the bureau drawers. Empty. She shifted the cushions in the window seat. The book wasn’t anywhere. The bed-breaking cyclists must have taken it with them. But Lexy would see that her agent sent them a new copy. Just in case.

She turned at the snap of wood fitting snugly as Sam Worth shoved the new slats into place.

“Done.” He slid the box springs over to the bed, tilted it up over the frame, settled it into place. The mattress followed. Then he stood back and looked at her. “I think you should test it.”

“Test it?”

“Give it a good bounce, make sure it won’t collapse.”

“Not necessary.” She stepped back.

“Are you sure? You don’t want a lawsuit.” He closed in on her, edging her up against the bed.

“I’ve got a good lawyer.”

He looked grim. “Never involve a lawyer in anything you can do for yourself.” He caught her by the waist and swung her up. Her bottom landed on the firm mattress. Looking up at him, she bounced lightly.

“You call that a test?”

“Move over. Let’s give it a real test.”

Lexy scooted over as he climbed up beside her. She felt the bed dip under his weight then return as he stretched out.

“Nice canopy.” He crossed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. His brows and lashes were much darker than his wheaten hair. Involuntarily, her gaze slid down his body. He didn’t move. He had the stretching part of Lexy’s fitness routine down fine. He lay, utterly relaxed, while Lexy’s whole body snapped to attention.

His eyes opened again. “What do you think they were doing when the bed collapsed?”

“I don’t want to know.” Lexy flopped back, but he had started her thinking, picturing Sam Worth getting fit.

“Have you ever broken a bed?”

“Of course not.”

“At least they weren’t swinging from the canopy, but you can’t rule that out. Maybe you should put up sign.” He stretched out one beautiful arm, pointing. “Right up under the canopy. ‘Antique English beds. Suitable for missionary position only.’”

“Not necessary.”

“I don’t know. You think it can stand a real workout?” He rolled onto his stomach and did a few rapid push-ups, an effortless flex of those arms. He had smooth firm skin in which the veins made rugged lines. Lexy imagined tracing those lines with her fingertips.

He collapsed beside her again. “Now that that’s a bed that won’t break.”