Series: The Warrior's Return Book 2


Published: May 12, 2014

Level of Sensuality: Sensual

“What can you hope to accomplish by abducting me?” “I’m going to unmask you.”

-A Prince Among Men

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A Prince Among Men

Not your usual soldier, Alexander di Piovasco Mirandola is the penniless Prince of Trevigna. After the Napoleonic wars, Alexander fights to protect his small country’s independence from British control, hiding in London from the agents of the British foreign secretary. In disguise as a humble groom, Alexander’s way with horses brings him in contact with a haughty duke’s daughter. Independent and unconventional, Lady Ophelia Brinsby’s search for her own freedom leads straight into Alexander’s arms.

Library Journal Top Pick in Romance 1997

“Kate Moore’s latest is pure delight, the best type of escape reading in that it takes readers into another world and makes them want to linger. Moore’s world is Regency England, and she offers it up with uncommon skill. … The witty dialogue and the heated build-up of sexual tension are the marks of the best Regency period romances, but the deft characterization and layers of allusion are Moore’s own. Her books can be read on the surface for a lovely escape, but they can also stand up to a more probing reading. Don’t miss this one; it’s a definite keeper.” –Romancing the Tome, Contra Costa Times

“As usual Ms. Moore adds depth and uniqueness to her hero and heroine, who never conform to the norms of their era. She tantalizes the reader with lively dialogue, an interesting plot, and of course, passion and love. Her talent shows in every scene.” --Rendezvous

Once again, Kate Moore touches our hearts with an unforgettable love story enriched by elegant prose… Wonderful characters make this a book not to be missed. –Candice Hern, Regency Writer

A delicious battle-of-wills romance, complete with witty repartee and lively characters that make this a fun read to sit back and enjoy. –Romantic Times


“To kiss or not to kiss?”

Open and indiscreet, Alexander’s question made Ophelia glance around the stable. They were alone. Alexander, having dismounted, was looking up at her. His perceptive gaze recognized her indecision, while she regarded him from Shadow’s back, unwilling to descend and admit she wanted his kiss. To think the word started butterflies of agitation beating their wings in her.

“You mustn’t think I come to Hetty’s for kisses.”

“That’s why I come,” he said.

Ophelia twisted the reins around her hands.

“We’re going to face this dilemma every time you ride, Ophelia. Your groom wants to kiss you.”

“How can you admit it so freely?”

“How can I conceal it?”

She thought he could if he could turn the blue of his eyes to something cool and gray. “And if I refuse?”

“You choose,” he said with a little bow. “The lady is sovereign. The man is her servant and must obey her.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“The rules of …love.”

“Love?” She couldn’t help looking at him then.

Of course, he’d caught the irony in her tone, and that had started him thinking, wondering. She could see it in his eyes. “What rules?” she asked.

“I read them in a book.”

“In your father’s library?”

He nodded.

“An amazing library. Your father was a …?”

“Great reader,” he said lightly. “You are used to giving me commands. You can command me in this, too, if you like. I’ll obey.”

It was odd to think of commanding him in this matter. It was nothing to say “Saddle my horse” or “Clean the stalls.” Those were not commands of his will, but only of his body. To say “Kiss me” or to withhold permission gave her an odd sense of power. She slanted a glance at him, detecting a finely drawn tension in his mouth. He wanted to kiss her. He had admitted it. Surely that gave her some power over him.

“Very well,” she said, freeing her foot from the stirrup. “I agree.”