Publisher: Random House

Series: The Husband Hunter Series Book 1

ISBN: 978-1516101757

Published: January 2, 2018

Sensuality Level: Kisses

“In what terms, then, does a man see marriage?” “As a catastrophe to be avoided until the last possible moment.”

-The Husband Hunter's Guide To London

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The Husband Hunter's Guide to London

The daughter of a British intelligence agent, Jane Fawkener has spent most of her life in exotic lands abroad, not flirting her way to matrimony among the ton. When her missing father is presumed dead, she’s perplexed as to why he’s arranged for her to receive a copy of The Husband Hunter’s Guide to London. Convinced he has hidden a covert message for her within its pages, Jane embarks on a “husband hunt” with an altogether different aim. But can she fool disgraced Viscount Hazelwood, the government escort who follows her every move—a dangerously seductive man for whom rules are clearly meant to be broken.

“Appealing protagonists and a slow simmering romance. An ideal choice for fans of traditional Regencies who enjoy the occasional dash of mystery.” --Library Journal

THE HUSBAND HUNTER’S GUIDE TO LONDON is an engaging read which had plenty of intrigue, some dastardly relatives and villains, a heartfelt romance, and a bit of redemption. Heat level: kisses. ~Rose @Roses Are Blue

The historical context of the novel added to its appeal. … I loved that Moore takes her reader beyond the ballrooms and great houses to parts of London that are often disregarded. Moore skillfully balances the suspense and romance.

The sizzle thermometer remains in the mild range in this book… However, if you like historical romance that targets a reader’s mind as artfully as it targets her heart, I suggest you add this book to your TBR tower. Moore continues the Husband Hunters with A Lady's Guide to Passion and Property, a July 3, 2018 release. I have already added it to my list of must-reads for the new year. –Janga @RomanceDish


A knock at the door called Hazelwood away briefly. When he returned, he accepted a cup of tea and turned to Jane, a harsh cast to his usually laughing features. “I’ve arranged for a man to stay outside your door tonight, but we need to move you to a safe location.”

Jane shook her head. Hazelwood took his duties as protocol officer quite seriously, but she had no intention of letting him or the government control her movements. “I’d rather not rely on the government over much, but on a more secure and committed protector.”

He appeared to choke on a sip of tea, and then recovered.

Jane turned to her entirely unruffled companion. “Mrs. Lowndes, can you tell me what protocol I’ve offended now?”

“Not protector, my dear. The word implies that the gentleman in question has not offered marriage before accepting its full rights.”

Jane put down her cup. “Hazelwood, how very challenging a job you have to keep me from social peril.”

“Forgive me,” he said in an unrepentant voice. “I was momentarily more concerned with the peril to your person.”

Jane waited to reply until he lifted the teacup to his lips again. “Quite right. Especially after we were followed to the dressmaker’s today.”

Once again she made him start and gulp the hot liquid down. It had taken her a while to work out what had provoked him to confront Slouch Hat. The encounter had not been over an imagined social offense.

Her gaze held his for a moment while Mrs. Lowndes did her best imitation of a stuffed armchair.

Hazelwood put his cup on the mantel. “Do you have your book, Jane?”

“In my bag.” She pointed.

He retrieved the little blue book. With a look, he made her shift her skirts to make room for him on the sofa. In his hands the book looked quite small and helpless.

She grabbed a sandwich from the tray. “Here, let me. I know where to begin. I read most of it last night.”