Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Series: The Canyon Series, Book 2

ISBN: 9781522843498

Published: December 19, 2015

Level of Sensuality: Sensual

“You have a lot of power here. You can say when and how much.” “And if I say now and everything?”

-Golden Boy

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Golden Boy

At the heart of Golden Boy is an unlikely attraction between trust-fund slacker Josh Huntington and hard-working single mom, Emma Gray. When the Canyon Club series came to me out of the ether, like a blip picked up by SETI, I knew this group of princes of privilege would have a “golden boy,” born with a set of Porsche keys in hand. He’d have a natural born cool and be incapable of an awkward move or lame remark. He’d live a charmed life until his inevitable fall. In book 1 The Loner, Josh Huntington’s father takes away his trust fund, and Josh falls all the way down to a seedy duplex in the low-rent district of a beach town south of L.A. He thinks he can’t sink any lower until he starts falling for his Swedish Death Metal attired single-mom tenant.

Emma Gray is my first “mom” heroine. Being a single mom in L.A. keeps her praying for good car karma, cajoling a six-year-old, and working until she’s ready to drop. It makes her fiercely protective and endlessly practical. She has no time for sex, and there’s no place in the closed circle of mother and child love for anyone as idle and gorgeous as her golden boy landlord. Emma has secrets to protect as well as a son, and goals just within reach. And when her son Max wants to pick Josh for a dad, well, that’s when love—both the hot ‘I’ve-got-to-have-you-now’ kind and the steady ‘I’ve-got-you-forever’ kind—takes over.

"Ms. Moore tells a compelling story, but my favorite thing about Golden Boy is the beautiful and unexpected ways she puts words together. I found myself stopping to re-read the lovely descriptions that brought me wholly into the story. I enjoyed Golden Boy very much and Kate Moore is now on my list of favorite authors. "–Night Reader

"This romance novel is beautifully written. It's fun to read and enter the lives of engaging, well-developed characters with interesting, sometimes surprising pasts. Some lovely, poignant scenes and the romantic ones with physical intimacy are well done and in good taste."--Marcia Naomi Berger, Author of Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love