The Christmas Husband Hunt

The Christmas Husband Hunt (Husband Hunter Book 4)

In wintry London Charles Davenham, the dashing Viscount Wynford and new Foreign Office spy, enlists the aid of his distant cousin Harriet Swanley, who's fallen in the world from eligible earl's daughter to unpaid caretaker of children and dogs. While Charles works to unmask a dangerous Russian spy, he asks Harriet to help his younger sister Octavia, newly come to town with her copy of The Husband Hunter's Guide to London, to find a husband by Christmas. The Christmas spirit seems deader than a doornail to Charles and Harriet, until Octavia mangles the guidebook's advice and the Russian spy takes too much interest in her. Suddenly, mistletoe, a dog, and the secrets of the past reawaken a long-buried attraction.

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A Spy

A Spy's Guide to Seduction (Husband Hunter Book 3, historical romance)

Just weeks from her twenty-ninth birthday, Emily Radstock, unmarried daughter of the Earl of Candover, receives from her mother a little blue advice book, The Husband Hunter’s Guide to London. Outraged at her mother’s attempt to push her out of the nest, Emily declares she’ll marry the first imbecile she meets. Overhearing the beautiful heiress declare her intention, Sir Ajax Lynley, Baronet, newest gentleman spy in the Pantheon Club, takes her at her word. From the moment their engagement begins, Emily finds herself intrigued by her fiancé, a man who encourages her daring and who offers a most seductive partnership in spy-catching.

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A Lady's Guide to Passion and Property

A Lady's Guide to Passion and Property (Husband Hunter Book 2, historical romance)

When Lucy Holbrook inherits her father’s inn on the edge of London, her fashionable friends give her The Husband Hunter’s Guide to London and urge her to sell the inn and become a society lady, just as her father always wished. Lucy would rather toss the little book out the window. She could never desert her home or blind old Adam who depends on her care or Queenie the cat. But she may need every bit of good advice the book offers when Captain Clare, a handsome war hero, arrives at the inn with a secret mission and a baffling crime to solve and Lucy finds herself navigating a most dangerous attraction.

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The Husband Hunter's Guide to London

The Husband-Hunter's Guide to London (Husband Hunter Book 1, historical romance)

The daughter of a British intelligence agent, Jane Fawkener has spent most of her life in exotic lands abroad, not flirting her way to matrimony among the ton. When her missing father is presumed dead, she’s perplexed as to why he’s arranged for her to receive a copy of The Husband Hunter’s Guide to London. Convinced he has hidden a covert message for her within its pages, Jane embarks on a “husband hunt” with an altogether different aim. But can she fool disgraced Viscount Hazelwood, the government escort who follows her every move—a dangerously seductive man for whom rules are clearly meant to be broken.

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Golden Boy

Golden Boy (The Canyon Club Book 2, contemporary romance)

Lucky in looks, fortunate in birth, Josh Huntington is a prince of privilege, one of LA’s golden boys. In his nearly thirty years there have been no clouds in the sky and no dip in his funds—until now. His impossibly strong sense of self-interest is challenged by his father’s threats to cut off his trust fund, and by his tenant, a prickly young single mom with a six-year-old and a habit of looking down her self-reliant nose at his wastrel ways.

Emma Gray has no use for rich man-boys like her landlord, all charming sensuality and no dependability. Josh reminds her too much of her rock-star father and a past that she left behind. But her quest for family will bring them all together, and soon Emma will learn that the spoiled boy next door can grow up to be a man she never dared imagine.

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The Loner

The Loner (The Canyon Club Book 1, contemporary romance)

Loner Will Sloan, son of a waitress and a dead rodeo cowboy, former scholarship student, new billionaire, is back in L.A., land of palm-lined drives and fiery sunsets. His friends urge him to jump into the hot L.A. dating scene, but a chance encounter at a school reunion revives a powerful past love. He’s never forgotten Annie James, but this time around, he swears he’ll do the walking out.

Widowed young, Annie James believes she’s recovered from the early heartbreaks that left her single and jobless in L.A. at 24. Ten years later, she’s got a job, a house, and a personal passion helping at-risk kids. When she steps up to do a favor for a friend, she unlocks the door to the past and faces the one man who could break her heart again.

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Ring Of Truth


Kate has joined fellow authors, Ciji Ware and Diana Dempsey, in Ring of Truth, an anthology of related stories set in San Francisco. Kate's story "Once Upon a Ring" winner of the 2015 Book Buyers Best Award for Romantic Novella is available as a single novella, or in the larger Ring of Truth anthology.

The Ring of Kerry Hannigan
by Ciji Ware
On the eve of a move from New York to San Francisco, classically trained chef and respected food blogger Kerry Hannigan’s world turns upside down the instant she puts on an Irish Claddagh ring rescued from the rubble of 9/11. A gift from her godmother, the emerald gemstone reputedly offers life-changing guidance and counsel—but only for seven days, and only to those who listen.

A Diva Wears the Ring
by Diana Dempsey
Veronica Ballard, adopted from Russia at birth, sings opera and longs to understand where she comes from. One fateful day, she receives both a life-changing letter and the Ring of Truth, and embarks on a journey to answer her heart’s deepest questions. Little does she know her quest will lead to love.

Once Upon a Ring (contemporary novella)
by Kate Moore
Boutique hotel concierge Tara Keegan finds the perfect way to deal with the woes of modern dating—invent a boyfriend. As long as Tara clings to her Mr. Wright, she can’t take the first real step toward happiness—opening her heart. It takes the Ring of Truth on Tara’s finger to discover that she wants more than fiction. Now her heart prompts her to risk all and tell the humiliating truth to a man who’s suddenly very present in her life.

Kate's story "Once Upon a Ring" won the 2015 Book Buyers Best Award for Romantic Novella.

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Blackstone's Bride

Blackstone's Bride (historical romance, prequel to Husband Hunter series)

A notorious portrait brings together a scandalous lord and a young banking heiress in this delectable regency historical romance in this prequel to Kate’s Husband Hunter series. When Lord Blackstone returns to London, fashionable ladies cast inviting glances his way and his friends celebrate his infamous exploits. No one guesses that the tales of his past are a cover for an honorable promise and a secret mission to stop a deadly foreign agent.

One woman remains unmoved by Blackstone's seductive ways. Banking heiress Violet Hammersley believes she has firm control over her passions and her life. That is, until her brother goes missing with a report vital to the British government--and the government puts Blackstone on the case. Now, if Violet wants to find her brother, she must work closely with the man who broke her heart--without succumbing to the powerful impulse to fall for him again.

Aug 2012. ISBN 978-0425250884

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To Seduce An Angel

To Seduce An Angel (Book 3, Sons of Sin trilogy, historical romance)

As a boy Kit Jones thought himself a bastard, not knowing that his parents were secretly married. When his powerful grandfather, the Duke of Wenlocke, discovered that Kit had a legitimate claim on his title, he arranged for Kit to disappear. Kidnapped, Kit spent two years in captivity to a strange and brutal man in London’s darkest rookery. When his captor died, he escaped. Fearing for the safety of his family, he did not return home, but made a life for himself with a band of urchins in London. Only when his brothers proved their extraordinary love for him, did he return home to discover the truth of his birth. Three years later the courts have recognized his claim to be his father’s son, and he becomes Marquess Daventry, his grandfather’s heir, but the aging duke continues to plot Kit’s destruction.

In book three Kit has become Daventry, a warrior angel trapped in a gilded cage who wants to free his family with a decisive defeat of the old duke. In a daring move that breaks all the rules of his safe life, he hires Emma Portland. Alone, pursued by spies, falsely accused of a murder she didn’t commit, Emma must spy for the old duke. If she doesn’t play by Wenlocke’s rules, she dies. Emma passes herself off as a tutor to Daventry’s lost boys as she plans an escape. What she doesn’t plan on is falling in love.

RITA Finalist 2012

Sep 2011. ISBN 978-0-425-2436-95

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To Save The Devil

To Save the Devil (Book 2, Sons of Sin trilogy, historical romance)

Love and duty conflict for two unlikely lovers. Will Jones, an ex-spy and ex-Bow Street Runner, is a master of disguises. In disguise he enters the discreet brothel run by his family’s enemy and rescues a virgin being auctioned off as “Helen of Troy.” Helen is no swooning maiden, but a woman of wit and determination with a mission of her own. She must retrieve dangerous letters of her mother’s from a blackmailer. Disguised as a youth, Helen is determined to escape Will until she realizes he may be her only hope of getting her mother’s letters back. In the bleak winter days after mad old King George’s death, London is more dangerous than ever, and as Will and Helen search for her mother’s letters and his brother, they stumble on a plot to assassinate the English cabinet, which divides them in a moment of stunning betrayal.

Oct 2010. ISBN 978-0-425-23748-9

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To Tempt A Saint

To Tempt a Saint (Book 1, Sons of Sin trilogy, historical romance)

It’s a perfect plan—to marry for money. Xander Jones needs it to fund a project deep in the darkest streets of London where his young brother went missing three years earlier. Cleo Spencer needs it to escape her wicked uncle’s control of her life. When Cleo, an orphaned heiress, overhears Xander’s bungled marriage proposal to another woman, she steps in and offers herself as a bride. If she marries, she gains access to her own fortune. They agree to marry, but Xander knows a way out for both. But can a man like Xander Jones leave a bride like Cleo Spencer untouched—when she’s a woman “To Tempt a Saint”?

Readers' Crown Winner 2011

Jan 2010. ISBN 978-0-425-23306-1

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Sexy Lexy

Sexy Lexy (Contemporary romance)

When writing a self-help book encouraging fitness through Workout Sex leads to embarrassing media attention and a breakup, Lexie Clark escapes to a small Brigadoon-like Northern California town where she discovers no one can entirely avoid the past - and if everyone could meet a man like Sam Worth, six-feet of male competence and ease, they might not want to. A Library Journal Top Pick in Romance..

April 2005. ISBN 0-505-52623-9

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A Prince Among Men

A Prince Among Men (Historical romance)

Not your usual soldier, Alexander di Piovasco Mirandola is the penniless Prince of Trevigna. After the Napoleonic wars, Alexander fights to protect his small country’s independence from British control, hiding in London from the agents of the British foreign secretary. In disguise as a humble groom, Alexander’s way with horses brings him in contact with a haughty duke’s daughter. Independent and unconventional, Lady Ophelia Brinsby’s search for her own freedom leads straight into Alexander’s arms.

Library Journal Top Pick in Romance 1997.

1997, Avon Historical. ISBN 0-380-78458-0

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Winterburn's Rose

Winterburn's Bride (Novel with romantic elements)

Returning Peninsular War veteran, Leigh Nash will be the new parson in the village of Rowdene when he’s ordained. Though his extravagance and sensuality make him a most unclerical parson, and though his powerful family wants him to marry for money, Leigh is determined to live the life he’s chosen. But Rosalind Merrifield knows he’s really the Earl of Winterburn, cold as a November frost and hot as a Guy Fawkes bonfire. When Rosalind turns to him for help, he can’t refuse, but his aid lands them both in the midst of scandal and in the path of a dangerous enemy that threatens their dreams.

A Romantic Times K.I.S.S. Award went to hero, Leigh Nash.

1996, Avon Historical. ISBN 0-380-78475-2

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An Improper Widow

An Improper Widow (Traditional Regency romance)

LADY WITH A PAST Disgraced during a disastrous first Season, Susannah Bowen has posed as a widow ever since. Now she has been offered a home and independence--if the shamed miss can steer her troublesome cousin Juliet toward an acceptable match. But things go shockingly awry when a highwayman steals Juliet's heart en route to London--and brazenly presents Susannah--with a calling card purloined from the Marquess of Warne.

MARQUESS WITH A MISSION A man hiding his own painful secrets, Warne is determined to unmask the blackguard using his calling cards. But that brings the aloof and wary peer in close contact with an equally guarded Susannah. And when lovelorn souls travel together, there's no telling what amorous turns the road might take.

Affaire de Coeur Best Regency of 1995; Colorado Romance Writers of America Award of Excellence

1995, Avon Historical. ISBN 0-380-77542-5

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Mercenary Major

The Mercenary Major (Traditional Regency romance)

A POSSIBLE HEIR When a stagecoach ambush leaves him an orphan in Spain, Jack Amberley grows up tough and street smart. England’s war with Napoleon gives Jack a chance to join the ranks of the rowdy British army. Through the army, an eccentric aunt tracks him down, and when the troops return to London, Aunt Letty makes it her mission to reintroduce her wayward nephew to London society and to find him a proper wife. Jack has one last mission, however, to save his friends from a vicious enemy.

AN IMPOSSIBLE HEIRESS In London unconventional Jack is taken for a fortune-seeking impostor, a circumstance he finds amusing until he encounters the tantalizing heiress Victoria Carr. She's determined to learn the truth of his identity. Yet exposing the handsome Major quickly turns to a risky game of hearts-one that is never dull for either player.

"There is never a dull moment in this excellent Regency, written by a highly talented author. Don't fail to put it on your list."

1994, Avon Regency. ISBN 0-380-77541-9

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Sweet Bargain

Sweet Bargain (Traditional Regency romance)

Poor Bel Shaw. Her carefree days of family fun and fishing must come to an end. It is her duty to assure the future prosperity of her large and close-knit family by making a good marriage. To add to her gloom, she is chased from her favorite spot on the river by the handsome and high-handed Nicholas Seymour, who apparently thinks he can buy the beautiful Bel Shaw as well as property. The outrageous bargain he proposes is a dozen kisses for the fish the Shaws have "stolen" from his land. But claiming the first kiss has staggering consequences -- for Nick, who cannot resist another -- and for Bel, whose passionate response will lead to discovery, scandal, ruin...and the sweetest bargain of all.

"This sparkling little story is the essence of Regency romance. Highly Recommended." — Manderley

RITA Finalist, 1994

1993, Avon Regency. ISBN 0-380-77056-3

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To Kiss A Thief

To Kiss a Thief (Traditional Regency romance)

Disappointed by her first London season, Margaret Somerley takes refuge at the Earl of Haddon's country estate. In the library one evening, she comes upon a dashing thief as he steals a cache of secret government papers. He brazenly abducts Margaret as well. Soon the shy miss who had attracted no beaux must play mistress to a devilish rogue whose naughty blue eyes thoroughly disturb her. But she has yet to guess her handsome abductor's true purpose, his real identity...or that she will soon be longing for his wicked embrace.

"This is intriguing story filled with mystery, and betrayal. The growing feelings for each (other of Drew and Margaret) keep you glued to each page, all the way to the compelling, exciting, conclusion." — Rendezvous

Golden Heart Winner 1988, RITA Finalist, 1993

1993, Avon Regency. ISBN 0-380-76473-3

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