The Husband Hunter's Guide to London

The Husband-Hunter's Guide to London

In this new Regency charmer from the beloved, award-winning author Kate Moore, the clues to
solving one of life’s greatest mysteries may be found in a slim blue volume of advice for husband-seeking
debutantes. But two people engaged in a clever game of cat and mouse just might rewrite the book . . .

The daughter of a British intelligence agent, Jane Fawkener has spent most of her life in exotic lands
abroad, not flirting her way to matrimony among the ton. So when her father disappears and is
presumed dead, she’s perplexed as to why he’s arranged for her to receive a copy of The Husband-
Hunter’s Guide to London
. Convinced he has hidden a covert message for her within its pages, Jane
embarks on a “husband hunt” with an altogether different aim. But can she fool the government
escort who’s following her every move—a dangerously seductive man for whom rules are clearly
meant to be broken . . .

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