Winterburn's Bride

Coming in November

Prince Among Men

A runaway Prince in disguise meets an independent duke's daughter longing to escape London's stifling social whirl. A Prince Among Men has family dynamics, secrets, disastrous balls, friendships, two great horses, one hot prince, one very pampered dog, and several happy endings. It is sensual, but not super steamy. The book was a Library Journal Top Pick in Romance for 1997.

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Featured Book

Once Upon A Ring

Boutique hotel concierge Tara Keegan finds the perfect way to deal with the woes of modern dating—invent a boyfriend. As long as Tara clings to her Mr. Wright, she can’t take the first real step toward happiness—opening her heart. It takes the Ring of Truth, an Irish Claddagh ring given to her by a stranger, on Tara’s finger to show her that she wants more than fiction. Now her heart prompts her to risk all and tell the humiliating truth to a man who’s suddenly very present in her life.

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