A Spy's Guide to Seduction


The Christmas Husband Hunt

Book 4 of The Husband Hunter’s Guide to London series

Coming November 2019.

In wintry London Charles Davenham, the dashing Viscount Wynford and new Foreign Office spy, enlists the aid of his distant cousin Harriet Swanley, who's fallen in the world from eligible earl's daughter to unpaid caretaker of children and dogs. While Charles works to unmask a dangerous Russian spy, he asks Harriet to help his younger sister Octavia, newly come to town with her copy of The Husband Hunter's Guide to London, to find a husband by Christmas. The Christmas spirit seems deader than a doornail to Charles and Harriet, until as Octavia mangles the guidebook's advice and the Russian spy takes too much interest in her, mistletoe, a dog, and the secrets of the past reawaken a long-buried attraction.

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