Winterburn's Bride

From Regency author Kate Moore comes a tale of love, money, and religious faith. When Leigh Nash has a vision after being wounded on the battlefields of Portugal, he shrugs it off, but when he returns home and inherits the title, Earl of Winterburn, he seeks to become an Anglican vicar in spite of his family’s objections. His first post is the village of Rowdene. His new neighbor, Rosalind Merrifield, knows he’s not a parson at all, but a haughty lord, cold as a November frost and hot as a Guy Fawkes bonfire. However, when her fortunes take a turn for the worse, Rosalind turns to Leigh for help. He can’t refuse, and his aid lands them both in the midst of scandal and in the path of a dangerous enemy that threatens their dreams. The style is straight out of Jane Austen, with some Charles Dickens thrown in. (Perhaps Theo James plays the earl in the film version!) 

 --Highly recommended. Soda Creek Press 

--A Romantic Times K.I.S.S. Award for hero, Leigh Nash.

 *First digital version, based on 1996 paperback historical Winterburn’s Rose 

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